In 2019, the market share of private label brands across all industries in the United States was 19.3%  For conventional grocery stores, it accounted for 21% of sales.  Retailers know that carrying their own in-house brand of product is a great way to stimulate sales.  It’s also a novel way to advertise your business too.  Private labeling is not just for grocery retailers or e-commerce sites either.  Caterers carry their own branded products that they use to further enhance their income and advertise their business.  Corporations will private label a food product as a thank you or holiday gift to employees or clients.  Gift basket makers will put their own brand on popular food products to enhance their offerings as well as advertise their business.

Well, there’s good news!  Any of Dennis’ line of gourmet products or Kathy’s Hot Sauces can be privately labeled.  We have graphic design and label printing resources or you can use your own and we can provide the templates and FDA required information.

Browse our products by clicking here.  Then use the contact form below to reach out today to get the conversation started.  We’d love to work with you to get your brand on one of our amazing products.